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Star Wars Round Up - 001

Star Wars Clothing & Memorabilia is proud to present a new weekly column, the Star Wars Round Up. The SWRU will be comprised of totally awesome links to various Star Wars products, movie clips, images, and more that have been procured from the edges of the Star Wars (Online) Universe.

Dirt Vader
So what if it's a little unproportionate? It's still totally bad ass.

LEGO Death Star Diorama (source)
Over 3,800 pieces of the most unimaginable LEGO fun ... I'm crying because they didn't have this when my parents were still buying LEGO sets for me.

Break Dancing Yoda
So that's why he spent all those years in exile on Dagobah, he was tuning up his tricks!

Be sure to tune in next week (and don't be afraid to stop by in the meantime) for another Star Wars Round Up! May the Force be with you all.


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