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Star Wars Garden Jawa

Star Wars Garden JawaStar Wars Garden Jawa
Put a cultured, well-traveled (but perhaps not so well-behaved) Garden Jawa in your yard! Measuring close to a foot tall and crafted in durable all-weather resin, the Garden Jawa protects your tomatoes, zucchini, and daffodils from the dark side, armed with a garden tool bandolier, a garden hose, and a thumbs-up attitude. Reflective amber-colored eyes peek out from underneath his hood, challenging any unwelcome visitors looking to feast on his turf. True to nature, the Garden Jawa is still up to the well-known mischievous antics we know from the movies. One Garden Jawa even sneaked onto Skywalker Ranch!


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November 30, 2010 at 6:36 AM

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