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Star Wars Breakfast Beverages Set

We scoured the galaxy far, far away for the beverages that get humans, aliens, and droids alike buzzing with energy. Here's what we found:

Vader's Dark Side Roast Coffee is commonly enjoyed by Dark Lords of the Sith while planning new Death Star construction, but is also enjoyed in the break room by your common stormtrooper. This hand roasted coffee is a true taste of the Dark Side. A blend of three diverse coffees and two different roasts creates a full-bodied, sharp, cup with spicy undertones and smoky, dark-roasted complexity. Give into your anger and sample a steaming cup and you will be rewarded with power beyond your imagination. Dagobah Green Tea is the drink of choice of Jedi Masters. Just because a planet is devoid of civilization doesn't mean it's not civilized. Deep in the jungles of Dagobah grow the most delicious green tea leaves in the galaxy. If you need a moment alone to ponder the Force, do it while sipping a hot cup of Yoda's favorite tea. Finally, Hoth Cocoa is guaranteed to warm you all the way to your bones. It's the preferred beverage of the Rebels of Echo Base. All you need are warm hand-knitted socks. When life gives you snow, melt it into water and use it to make a steaming cup of rich, creamy Hoth Cocoa. Choose your breakfast beverage wisely. The fate of the galaxy depends on you. Star Wars Breakfast Beverages Set


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